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About Income Support

Income Support in the United Kingdom is an income linked means tested assistance for low income people. Income support claimants may be eligible for other benefits like council tax benefit, housing benefits and reimbursement of health costs. However, savings above £16,000 will render you ineligible for the support and if your savings are above £6,000, the amount of income support entitled to you shall be affected.

Scope of HMRC


Income support may be given to you, if:

  • You’re without income or have very low income
  • You work less than sixteen hours per week
  • You’re not signed as unemployed

Your circumstances will determine the amount of money you receive as income support; if you’re without any income and meet the prerequisites for assistance, you could get £56.80 a week as assistance. Eligibility for income support enables you to claim child tax benefit if you have children.

Eligibility conditions

Fulfilment of the following criteria entitles you for income support:
  • Your age should be between 16 and pension age determined by the state
  • You’re a carer, pregnant, single parent with a kid under 5 years or you’re incapable of working because of disability or sickness
  • Your income is low
  • You work under 16 hours in a week (your partner doesn’t work more than 24 hours per week)
  • You live in England, Wales or Scotland (for Northern Ireland there are other rules)

You can claim income support without having a permanent address if you live in a care home or hostel.

You might be eligible for income support while on paternity leave or work as unpaid voluntary worker. To know more about the qualifying standards, you can call the helpline number.

Conditions for non-qualification

    You will not qualify, if:
  • Your savings are over £16,000
  • You cannot enter the UK without permission
  • You have already got Employment Support Allowance or Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • You’re young and any local authority is taking care of you

What amount will be paid as Income Support?

    You are entitled to receive:
  • Basic payment or personal allowance and
  • Premiums (extra payments)

Income and savings can however affect the amount you get. For more details, please call the helpline number for assistance.

How will you be paid?

Your payments, i.e., allowances, benefits and pensions are deposited in an account such as a bank account within two weeks, after providing the necessary evidence that you qualify for the support.

How can you make a claim?

    All income support applications can be made by:
  • Phone
  • Or post. Claim forms should be sent to the local Jobcentre Plus